2015 / August the 4th. - 5 new kittens are here !!!

First few days ...


And this is us today, more than 3 months old:

Vest and Chester  M (reserved by Justina i Slavek - United Kingdom)

Vest Lothian F (lives with Petr Fuchs - Czech Republik)

Vicklow F (lives with Tatiana and Michael in Munchen - Germany)

Vale of Glamourgan F (reserved by Nathalie Roininen in Pori - Finland)

Vindsor M (lives with Natalija Cera in Munchen - Germany)

New pictures soon...

2014 / 24. June. - new kittens are here !!!

First two months ...

And this is how we look today, 11.9.2014.

These are our boys (we have decided for different Slavic male names - different nations):

Zdenek (Czech name)

Zygfrid (Polish name)

Zigmund (Slovak name)

And these are our girls (we have decided for different Slavic female names - different nations):

Ziva (Slovenian name) - She found her new home in a beutiful Split, with Kraljevic family...

Zhanna (Russian name)

Zoya (Ukrainian name)

Zara (Bulgarian name)


2013 / 19.10. - "A" litter!!!

Our dear mother Dakota on 19th of October 2013. from 1:30 till 2:30 am gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens,  all 4 of them are girls. Everything went perfect - Dakota is still a best mother in the world ...

Father is Coffee MonBiquet from Czech Republic.

Smallest one had 87 grams and the biggest one 95 grams...

Of course, at first we had our eyes closed...

But as soon as 8th or 9th day we started to explore the world around us...

Still, we do appreciate a good sleep...

After 3 weeks...

This is how we look today...



Annie Lennox

Amy Winehouse

Aretha Franklin


2012 / 05 - "B" litter !!! !!!

Our Dakota gave birth to two adorable kittens on 30th of May 2012. We were pleasently surpriced with first one just before 7 am and another not before evening...

First was born with 95 and second with 108 grams...both girls !!!!!!!!!

First day

First month

First apperiance on a TV in a show called "Kućni ljubimci" ("home pets")...

Our first cat show, Karlovac 8. and 9. Sep 2012, here we are 3 months and 10 days old...

Cat show in Zagreb, Arena Centar, 20. October 2012...

Betty has found a new home with Ida and Neven -  Barbie has find a new home with Rafo, Ruža and Lucija...


2011 / 04 - C litter, our first babies !!!

Our Dakota gave birth to 5 kittens around noon at Easter, 24.04.2011. Just look at them!

First day

After 7 days

After 14 days

After 21 days

2012 / 01 - This is us today...

Cleopatra, girl, blue point white, bi-colour show pattern, she stays with us :)

Comodus, boy, seal point white, mitted show pattern, found new home with Kos family

Cesar, boy, seal point white, prefered show pattern, found new home with Ostriž family

Caligula, boy, seal point white, acceptable show pattern, found new home with Ostriž family

Claudie, boy, seal point white, for pet, he stays with us :)

You can check individual galleries of our cats here;
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2009 / 10 - Aldo

2008 / 05 - Dakota

Champion certificates

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